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By John Tomlinson

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1 1/4 inch Merryweather Steam Fire Engine 1908 - Steam Fire Engine

The fire engine is as fascinating to the general public as the railway locomotive.

The name "Fire Engine" comes from the steam engine driven pump.

This miniature working live steam model is of the well-known Merryweather
types; although, so far as scale is concerned, it has been found impossible to adhere strictly to one specific engine.
Generally, it is to a scale of 1-1/4 in. to 1 ft.
The location of the various featnres of an actual engine has been more or less maintained.

Fire Engine Fire Engine Steam 1908 Steam Engine 3D Modelling by A1 Graphic Design

Steam Fire Engine plans from Model Engineer 1908 - Pdf format 836kb in size

These plans are for sale on eBay for up to $10 - do not buy Steam Engine Plans online until you have checked through the plans available free of charge at




Cracker Steam Train

cracker Steam Train cracker steam engine plan Cracker Steam Train plans - Pdf format 1.03mb in size

A set of plans to make a toy steam train that runs off live steam.


Beam Engine from Gerry Dykstra

Beam Engine Beam Engine Plans with the kind permission of Gerry (Oldboatguy) - in zipped file 4.9mb in size

A fantastic set of plans for a Live Steam Engine. Drafted in AutoCAD Inventor,

this is a top quality set of plans made available frre of charge by Gerry.





Model Compound Condensing Steam Engine

comound steam engine Condensing Steam Engine Plans - in pdf format 1.1mb in size

A draft of a condensing Steam Engine that is out of copyright and available for free download. A difficult

Project for the beginner, but advanced builders will find this an invaluable guide.

Engineering Drawing - Compound Condensing Steam Engine from 1924

compound condensing steam engine plan Model Engineering plan for a Condensing Steam Engine from circa 1924 - in pdf format 1.26mb in size




Ruby Steam Train

ruby steam engine Ruby Steam Train Engine Plans - in zipped file format with pdf and dxf files 93kb in size

A great project to make a fully working Live Steam Train - Very good plans in AutoCAD and PDf formats - great for those hobby Engineers who which to make 3d models.


Steam Engine Boiler

Steam Engine Boiler Plans Steam Engine Boiler Plans - in pdf and acrobat 3d format 461kb in size -

A great set of plans for a Steam Engine Boiler for home building - It is important that you test all home made boilers and ensure that it is safe at the working pressure.



Sterling Engine in Solidworks

sterling engine A sterling engine drawn with 3d views and parts - in a zipped file with SLDASM and SLDDRW formats 3.53mb in size

A great contribution to the site from a Solidworks user - Please feel free to send me any works you have done. All contributions with have a link or credit of your choice.



Webster 4 Stroke Engine

webster 4 stroke engine Websters 4 stroke engine plans - in a zipped file with pdf and dxf formats 1.61mb in size



Basic Single Cylinder Wobbler

wobbler plans A single cylinder wobbler plan from Ernie Daniel - in pdf format 410kb in size

A great beginners project for a single cylinder wobbler. This small steam engine plan set will allow you to grasp the basics of Steam Engine Modelling.



Steam Turbine Car and Paddle Boat

steam turbine car A Steam Turbine Car and Paddleboat plans - in pdf format 2.99mb in size

An unusual working model that will enable you to take the first steps into Steam Turbine Engines.






How To Plans from Out of Copyright Books

gasoline ening plans Make you own gasoline engine in pdf format 88kb in size

steam engine model Homemade Steam Engine Model in pdf format 35kb in size

steam engine toy plans How to make a toy steam engine in pdf format 43kb in size

Steam Turbine How to make a Toy Steam Turbine in pdf format 18kb in size

steam turbine engine plan How to make a Steam Turbine Engine in pdf format 54kb in size




LBSCR 4-4-2 Atlantic Class H-2, Gauge 1 Steam Locomtovive Plans "Southern Belle"

LBSCR Altlantic Class Loco Plans

7/16" Bore Cylinders, Gauge 1 Live Steam Locomotive designed by Martin Evans

Plans are in PDF format, 33 pages and the file download is 1MB in size - click here to download the free Steam Locomotive Plans




Ayesha - 2 1/2" 4-4-2 Live Steam Locomotive Plans by LBSC

"LBSC" was the pen-name of one of model engineering's most prolific writers. Lillian "Curly" Lawrence was born in 1882 and died in 1967.

Ayesha (The name Ayesha comes from a character in "She", a novel by H. Rider Haggard) is one of the more famous model locomotives by LBSC and was used in a challenge to prove that the 2 1/2" Gauge Live Steam Locomotives where capable of pulling human passengers. LBSC designed a boiler for his model and set out to prove the point.

Ayesha Plans Ayesha Model Ayesha Plans

The PDF Plan Set Consists of

4 Drawings sized 11.69" x 24.8"

2 Drawings sized 16.53" x 23.39"

3 Drawings sized 11.69" x 16.53"

1 Drawing sized 8.26" x 23.9"

LBSCR - Brief History in PDF Format

Ayesha Boiler Challenge - Brief Description in PDF format

Ayesha 3 of 10 Ayesha 4 of 10


The technical details of the model are

Frames - 17 5/8"

Coupled Wheels - 3 5/16" diameter

Cylinders 13/16" bore x 1 1/8" stroke - Inside slide valves operated by slip eccentrics

Boiler barrel 3 1/4 " o.d.

Firebox coal fired

Ayesha 8 of 10 Ayesha 5 of 10


All parts are detailed including safety valves and boiler valves - the plans are a complete set guiding you to produce a vintage 2 1/2" gauge Steam Locomotive capable of pulling passengers.

The plans assume that the builder has access to normal workshop tools.

This plans set is for experienced model engine builders although a novice builder would be capable of building this engine.

Due to the high power output of this engine it will appeal to the non rail enthusiast and model engineer


Cost of the Plans Set is US $8.00 - Click Here For Details on Downloading the plans



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