Steam Engine and Stirling Engine Plans

by John Tomlinson

Updated July 2018- new plans

New Pages added Page 2 and Page 3 and LBSC


These model steam engine plans have been obtained and downloaded free of charge from public domain internet and out of print magazines/books

Please Contact Me if you have any questions or if you would like to Share you own plans on this page - full credit and links to relevant websites will be given

All plans are downloadable free of charge. - New plans added July 2018- Now over 140 free steam engine plans to download on 3 pages

Check out the Full Size Steam Engines in Thailand - Photographs and locations


Elmer's Engine Plans

An excellent collection of model steam engines made from bar stock - easy for the beginner but still some plans are challenging even for the more advanced modeler - Elmer's Engine plans are by far the most sought after plans for simple model steam engines without castings.

Steam Plans Page 2 and Steam Plans Page 3 and

Free LBSC Steam Locomotive Plans Page

A new page of Free Steam Engine Plans for download - Over 140 free Steam Engine plans over three pages

Workshop Hints and Tips Page - Articles by Geometer and others


The largest collection of free Steam Engine Plans on the web - Build a Steam Engine at Home or make a small steam generator

- check out the free Jet Engine Plans Page, free Petrol, Diesel and Gas Engine Plans

4 pages of Quality Steam Engine Plans -Download free of Charge



Model Steam Engine Plans - Page 1

Most of the Steam Engine Plans below are in PDF format,

Build your own Model Steam Engine at home with our free plans for Live Steam Models

The first steam engine I built is Here - a good first Home Made Steam Engine


Michel Niggel Steam Engine Plans

            Boiler – 284kb Plans / Blueprints to make a live Steam boiler
            Single – 229kb - Drawings to make a Single Cylinder Live Steam Engine
            Twin – 220kb A twin Cylinder Live Steam Engine

Dave Watkins Plan – DeWinton Steam Engine –197kb - Steam Engine Plans

George M Carlson Plan – Double Scotch –111kb Scotch Yoke Design

JP Duval Plan - Steam Train - 1.4Mb Excellent Plans for a live steam Train

4 Cylinder Wobbler Plan –635kb - four Cylinder Wobbler project

Old Book Steam Engine Plans

Steam Engine With Scraps – 2.7Mb Make a steam engine from scrap metal



Stirling Engines - Hot Air Engine Plans

Engine 1 - Sterling Heat Engine Plans for the home hobby engineer

Engine 2 - Sterling Engine Plan for the beginner

Engine 3 - Make your own green steam engine to save the environment

FizGig AutoCad - Computer Designed Sterling Engine - 3d Model material

Most of the plans on this page require use of the usual Equipment and Power Tools found in the Home Workshop - these include a Mini-Lathe or small Lathe, a Drill Press and Drill Bits.

Other useful equipment for the model engineer is a Vernier Gauge, a small steel ruler, center punch and stylus.


Steam Traction Engine Plans And Instructions

Steam Traction Engine Plans Steam traction Engine Plans Traction Engine Plans Steam traction Engine Plans - Free

Plans are available for free download by clicking Here


Owl Castings UK

Over the last decade Owl Castings have become one of the UK’s largest producer of full size and scale model castings for live steam locomotives and traction engines. We have cast every possible casting that would be used to build live steam traction engines and locomotives in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our metal castings span brass, bronze and iron, we even work in aluminium. We regularly cast metal components for all scales of live steam locomotives including, 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.75”, 5”, 7.25” and 10.25” also including 45mm narrow gauges.



Steam Engine Plans - Working Model Live Steam Engines

Ayesha 2.5" Gauge Steam Loco - Steam Train Plans for the Hobby Engineer

Horizontal Steam Engine - Plans to build a Horizontal Steam Engine without castings

Vertical Steam Engine - Build your own Vertical Steam Engine and Sell it on eBay

Rotary Valve Engine - An unusual design that will make a great display piece

Model Engineer Plans 1932 - A true vintage project, no metric units on this plan set

Wood Engine a wooden steam engine but not a wooden boiler

Boat Engine Ideal for the Model Boat Builder - a live Steam Engine for Model Ships

Elbow Engine - Probably the most downloaded plan set on John-Tom and Most Difficult

Little Husky - Nothing to do with a small Inuit canine

Model Engineer Steam Crane - Build your own Steam Powered Model Crane

Pop Mechanics 1963 Engine - A classic old time build for model Engineers

Model Engineer Whistle - annoy your neighbors with a steam whistle - while you can!

Ajax Model Eng - Model steam train plans free to download

FizzWhizz Steam Car A true green steam powered car - build a steam car toy

Marine Engine (video clip here) Marine Engine - Model Ship Builders take note

Mod Eng. Horizontal Engine

French Live Steam Model Loco A Steam Locomotive with plans in French

Steam Loco AutoCAD DXF files AutoCAD drawings for a Steam Engine - progress?

French Twin Cylinder Plans to make a Two Cylinder Engine from France

French Wobbler nothing to do with an out of control Parisian

Pop Mechanics Boiler 1963 - build a boiler for your live steam engine model

Pop Science Boiler 1947 - Great design for a model steam engine boiler



Model Steam Boat Plans

A collection of Steam Boat Plans for your marine engines - there is nothing like a live steam boat that you have made from scratch.

- Build a Small Steam Engine at home

add a new dimension to your steam hobby and branch into boat building - you will enjoy it - I did!

steam boatPlans Steam Boat Pinasse Plans in .pdf format


steam boat Plans Steam Boat Plans 1 LaMouette Steam Boat Plans in .pdf format

Building a model steam boat can be a very satisfying project, some builders never sail their model steam boat - they immediately start a new Steam Ship Project


maly Steam Engine Plans 3 Maly Parnick Steam Boat Plans in .pdf format

A steam powered radio controlled boat can be made with these detailed plans for a steam launch. RC Steam boat plans.

Horizontal Slide-Valve Engine Plans

A great project for any enthusiast - A horizontal slide valve engine and water pump full plans without castings - this is a big model engine that has amazing torque

Horizontal Steam Engine horiz steam engine Horizontal Slide Valve Steam Engine plans with instructions in .pdf format


Simple Reciprocating Steam Engine Plans

simple steam engine plan Simple reciprocating Steam Engine Plans 144kb in size and in .pdf format with instructions to build and run

This is a steam Engine project that can be completed without castings and easily made in a Home Model Engineers Workshop.

Twin Cylinder Wobbler with Lubrication - Steam Engine plans

TwinLubSteamEngine A complete plan with instructions and parts/materials list for a twin cylinder wobbler steam engine with auto lubrication

The ideal twin cylinder project for home model engine machinist and hobby engineer. A Mini-Lathe and Drill Press are useful home workshop tools to have.


Vacuum Engine Drawings

vacuum motor vacuum engine A vacuum engine with instructions in German - 1.3mb in pdf format

Similar to a flame licker engine, this project is a great visual display engine making it the ideal project for the hobby group builder.


Twin Cylinder Steam Engine Blueprints

twin cylinder Steam Engine Twin cylinder steam engine with plans in French - 771 kb in .pdf format

make a twin cylinder live steam engine and see the massive difference in Torque - this type of engine is recommended for model ships and boats.


V Twin Engine Plans from Gerold Posch


german twin v german twin v plans Plans for a V twin with over 40 pages of drawings and instructions and photographs - excellent plans in .pdf format


4 Cylinder Wobbler Blueprints from Helmut Pirker

4 cylinder Wobbler Plans and 3d drawings for a 4 cylinder steam engine with 17 pages in pdf format - 504kb in size



Fire Eater Engine Drawings

fire Eater Engine Fire Eater Engine Plans in .pdf format - 1.04mb in size - good easy to follow plans for an amazing engine


A Frame Vertical Engine Drawings from 1870

a frame steam engine A Frame Steam Engine in Auto Cad dwg file format - 350kb in size


Steam Engine Boiler Plans

steam engine boilers A selection of Steam Engine Boilers in pdf format - 551kb in size

All home made boilers should be properly tested and certified to avoid serious accidents with steam under pressure - latent heat in steam causes severe burns.


Candle Engine Plans and Instructions

candle engine plans Candle Engine in pdf format - 3.9mb in size

Run your Engine from a candle - not the greenest of engines but non the less, a very interesting project


Rotary Valve Engine

Rotary Valve Engine - Rotary Valve Model Steam Engine - Can run of Live Steam or Compressed Air



Hot Air Engine - Stirling Engine Plans

hot air engine Hot Air Engine in pdf format - 237kb in size

A basic easy build Sterling Engine


Steam Pump Plans

steam pump Steam Pump in pdf format - 201kb in size

A steam powered water pump that can be scaled up for Tree Hugging camp sites


Steam Turbine Plans

steam turbine Steam Turbine in pdf format - 299kb in size

Probably one of the best projects for a quick return on satisfaction compared to effort - a real fun project that will provide hour of high pitched turbine whine.

This is the project that gets dusted off and connected to the air hose every time the lads come round for a beer - make this and you will not regret it!


Vertical Steam Engine from 1947

vertical steam engine Vertical Steam Engine from Model Engineer 1947 in pdf format - 113kb in size

Vertical steam engine for boats


Water Turbine Plans

water motor Water Motor in pdf format - 167kb in size

The project to upset your wife or mother as you plug this contraption into the kitchen sink


Conway 3 1/2" Gauge Saddle Tank Locomotive Plans

Conway 3 1/2 inch Gauge Live Steam Plans Conway Saddle Tank Loco Plans

59 Pages in Adobe PDF format for a live steam locomotive featured in Model Engineer by Martin Evans - 1.2mb in size

Click here to download the free Live Steam Train Plan Set




Steam Powered Model Helicopter Project


A project to make a non-flying model Helicopter powered with a steam engine with a flash boiler

This has been an ongoing project with very little time spent on it - I reassembled the heli to make this video clip and ran the engine on compressed air for ease.

The engine is a single cylinder double action wobbler and will turn the rotors at 10psi and has a surprising amount of torque on start up. I have not had the pressure above 25psi with the rotors engaged but the engine has been tested at 90psi. .... More details and Plans for the Steam Powered Helicopter here


Ajax EngineSteam Engine

doubleScotch plans D Scotch

Scrap Engine

StirlingEnginevideo clip of my first attempt at a Stirling engine - after a few changes this engine now runs for 10mins on the heat of a cup of hot water.

Steam Engine Plans Steame Engine Plans 2


Model Steam Train Plans - Build Steam Engines at Home

Steam Engine Steam Crane Steam Car Steam Engine Boiler

Other Engine Plans

Twin Cylinder Glow Engine , Twin Cylinder Glow Engine - Nitro methane freaks look here!

4 Stroke Gasoline Engine , Petrol powered home built RC Aircraft Engine plans

RC Tank Machine Gun , A blank firing .22 Gatling Gun Plan Set - Free to Download

. 2.5" Gauge Live Steam Large Scale Steam Loco - Premium Plans



Ayesha - 2 1/2" 4-4-2 Live Steam Locomotive Plans by LBSC

"LBSC" was the pen-name of one of model engineering's most prolific writers. Lillian "Curly" Lawrence was born in 1882 and died in 1967.

Ayesha (The name Ayesha comes from a character in "She", a novel by H. Rider Haggard) is one of the more famous model locomotives by LBSC and was used in a challenge to prove that the 2 1/2" scale Live Steam Locomotives where capable of pulling human passengers. LBSC designed a boiler for his model and set out to prove the point.

Ayesha Plans Ayesha Model Ayesha Plans

The PDF Plan Set Consists of

4 Drawings sized 11.69" x 24.8"

2 Drawings sized 16.53" x 23.39"

3 Drawings sized 11.69" x 16.53"

1 Drawing sized 8.26" x 23.9"

LBSCR - Brief History in PDF Format

Ayesha Boiler Challenge - Brief Description in PDF format

Ayesha 3 of 10 Ayesha 4 of 10Ayesha PlansAyesha 1 of 10

Ayesha2 of 10Ayesha 6 of 10Ayesha 7 of 10


The technical details of the model are

Frames - 17 5/8"

Coupled Wheels - 3 5/16" diameter

Cylinders 13/16" bore x 1 1/8" stroke - Inside slide valves operated by slip eccentrics

Boiler barrel 3 1/4 " o.d.

Firebox coal fired

Ayesha 8 of 10 Ayesha 5 of 10


All parts are detailed including safety valves and boiler valves - the plans are a complete set guiding you to produce a vintage 2 1/2" gauge Steam Locomotive capable of pulling passengers.

The plans assume that the builder has access to normal workshop tools.

This plans set is for experienced model engine builders although a novice builder would be capable of building this engine.


Cost of the Plans Set is US $8.00 - Click Here For Details on Downloading the plans


Ayesha Plans Ayesha Plans Riva Aquarama Plans

Live Steam Road Roller


A short clip of my Wilesco Steam Road Roller in action - I purchased this model in Hamer, Germany 20 years ago and has seen little use and has followed me around since.


Steam Plans Page 2

A new page of Free Steam Engine Plans for download - Over 140 free Steam Engine plans over three pages. These plans are a valuable resource for building a steam engine at home.

Steam Plans Page 3

Striling Engine Plans and more live steam engine plans for free. Plans to build Green Environmentally Friendly Steam Engines that can drive generators and pumps. Recently added AutoCAD Steam Train Plans


Free LBSC Steam Locomotive Plans Page

Marine Engine Video Clip by "The Engine Maker" - Henning Seidel







Ayesha Plans



jet turbine engine plans Ayesha plans baby bootlegger premium plansflyer hydroplane plans

crawler crane plans

Model Steam Engine Boilers and Small Live Steam Engines - search through the free plans at

Steam TurbineWobblerValve steam engine

Home Workshop Equipment that is recommended for Hobby Steam Engine Building includes a Mini-Lathe, Drill Press and a small milling machine.

Steam trailerSteam Tractuion EngineSteam Boiler Model Crawler Crane Plans

Home made Steam Engine Boilers should be tested before use. It is very important to use Silver Solder or Brazing Alloy for all joints on a model Live Steam Boiler.

Normal Lead/Tin solder is not suitable for the considerable pressure created in a Model Steam Engine Boiler.

Model Steam Engine Boilers can be fired with Alcohol, solid fuel tablets, wood or even coal. Consideration must be given to which fuel type is to be used when choosing the free boiler plans.

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