Ultimate Biplane (scratch built)

A great flyer if you build light, no bad stall, slow flight and harrier possible, glide slope reasonable for a biplane - build it heavy and you will have a dog.

Engine - OS 50 SX - with 12x6 APC prop - excellent engine

Good to fly, looks good and sounds good with Bison muffler

Edge 540 - Mega Model RC

I have always liked the look of the Edge so I had to buy this high quality ARF kit-

It is good to fly and limited by the pilot only - has the glide slope of a brick without the engine but that is its only minus

Engine OS 91 FX Two Stroke ringed with 16x6 APC prop


Katana Profile 3d - V2 70

Another Chinese built ARF, similar to the 40 sized but has removable wings - this kit was put together in one night with radio, servos and engine the next night. As usual I decided to put a larger than recommended engine on the airframe. The manual recommended a .70 4 stroke or .60 2 stroke. Looking at the power and weight I decided on an OS 91 FX 2 stroke (the same weight as the OS 60) and used a 16x4 APC prop - I changed the landing gear and wheels shown on the first photographs - too weak by far. Again the flight characteristics are excellent and limited only by the person moving the sticks.

Video Clip of my Katana Tail Cam - Vid Camera mounted rearwards for a fly around with music - 15.8Mb

My aircraft

Photo slideshow of some of my aircraft



My RC Aircraft




Katana Profile 3d

Probably my favorite aircraft for pure fun flying - does what you want it to when you want it - the pilot is the limit on this aircraft

Chinese built ARF aircraft, just glue the wings and tail to the body and its done - I used a slightly larger engine than the recommended .46 size and decided on using a TigerShark 0.56 ringed two stroke (donated by a previous crash) with a 12x4 Master Airscrew K series Prop - A very good powerful set up for funfly - Just make sure than you give enough time to run in a TigerShark ringed engine, I had used my .56 in a sportster type model for a good 20 -30 flights





Video Clip of my Katana 3d Profile - just a general fly around with a bit of hovering - 24.5Mb
















Ultimate Biplane Plans 3.4Mb - Collection of plans and photos and manuals for the ultimate Biplane (0.40 - 0.60 size)

Ultimate Build Slideshow - 5.5Mb



Ultimate Biplane Video 16.5 Mb - A clip of my scratch built aircraft, take off, general burn around and landing