Mr. Elmer Verburg and his steam engine designs


Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Elmer Verburg

The Steam Engine Plans by Mr. Elmer Verburg available on this page are free to download - Elmer's Engines Plans are the the most sought after classic steam engines plans available today.

All rights to the Elmer's Engines plans on this page belong to Mr. Elmer Verburg - please download and distribute these plans as they were "made to be made" and are repeated here for model steam engine builders and hobby engineers.

The plans on this page are in the public domain as per the wishes of Elmer who wanted the plans for his steam engines to be offered to as many model engineers as possible.

Should any entity disagree with Elmer Verburg's plans being made available for the public on this site, please contact me


Elmer's Engines - Free Download of Elmer's Engines Book

The files below are Adobe PDF files and require the latest Acrobat Reader to open them

Please download one or all of the Classic Elmer's Engine Plans free of charge

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Owl Castings UK

Over the last decade Owl Castings have become one of the UK’s largest producer of full size and scale model castings for live steam locomotives and traction engines. We have cast every possible casting that would be used to build live steam traction engines and locomotives in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our metal castings span brass, bronze and iron, we even work in aluminium. We regularly cast metal components for all scales of live steam locomotives including, 2.5”, 3.5”, 4.75”, 5”, 7.25” and 10.25” also including 45mm narrow gauges.

1          Wood Beam Engine - Model Steam Engine By Elmer using a Wooden Beam
2          Twin Vertical Wobbler - Made from Scraps left over in your workshop, with extended guides to reduce piston wear.
3          Open Column with Reverse - A working model steam engine with a reverse
4          Four Square - A radial engine with no external tubing for the steam ports. A favorite project for the starting model engineer.
5          Geared Steam EngineA & Sheet B Live steam engine plan download with internal gears producing a straight line motion to piston rod



elmers geared engine plans 05 Geared Engine

6          Slider - Small model steam engine that is one of the more complicated small steam engine builds.
7          Square - An unusual Novelty Steam engine with a "Round Piston in Square Cylinder"

elmers square engine plans 07 Square Engine - an unusual engine with a square Cylinder and Round Piston

8          Scotty - a steam engine that uses a Scotch yoke - nothing to do with whisky or eggs
9          H Twin - The horizontal Twin Steam Engine is based on the twin Wobbler and the frame is made from brass

elmers twin cylinder engine plans 09 Twin Cylinder

10        Wooden Grasshopper Engine Sheet A & Sheet B

Grasshopper Beam Engine Plans

elmers wobble plate elemers wobble plate engine elmers wobble plate steam engine

Elmers Wobble Plate Steam Engine Plans

11        Radial Engine - Radial Engine

11 Radial

radial engineRadial Engine View Courtesy of Jacob Zdzieblo

12        Turbine and Centrifugal Pump - Centrifugal Pump

elmers turbine and pump plans 12 Turbine & Pump A Steam Turbine for the speed freaks and budding jet engine maker

13        Open Column Twin with Poppet Valves Sheet A & Sheet B An open Column Engine with Twin poppet Valves
14        Wobble Plate Engine A wobble plate engine

elmers wobbleplate engine plans elemers wobbleplate plans2 14 WobblePlate

15        Fancy - A fancy way to make a Wobbler steam engine - a good second project
16        Baldy - A novelty engine that uses a ball as a piston - This Steam Engine Build is great for hobby Engineers
17        Pumping Engine - a more advanced project for the Home Model Engineer Engine Builder
18        Fancy 2 - A horizontal steam engine that requires a little more work that the average steam engine model
19        Standby - A piston - wrist pin - con rod design
20        Kimble Engine Kimble Engine
21        Kimble Engine Rotary Valve Rotary Valve Engine
22        VTwin a V twin engine
23        Tiny - a really big engine reduced to a small size

elmers tiny engine plans 23 Tiny elmers engines 23_tiny 23_tiny

24        Beam - A reproduction Beam steam engine
25        Wobbler - The Start Off Project for all newbies
26        Live Steam Boiler and Engine Live Steam boiler
27        V4 Wobbler A V4 Steam Dragster Engine
28        H-Quad Engine - Powerful Wobbling boxer
29        Mine Engine Modelled after a mining Engine
30        Opposed Piston Steam Engine - Horizontally opposed
31        The Engine Showcase - Engine Showcase Plans
32        Tall Vertical Open Column Vertical Open Column
33        Mill Engine - Plans for a Mill Engine
34        Cross Twin Engine - Two Cylinder, Four pistons
35        Steam Pump - Steam Pump Plans for Live Steam
36        Vertical Reversing Wobbler - Vertical Steam Engine
37        Grasshopper Engine - A Beam Engine

Grasshopper Engine

38        VR75. A Practical Marine Engine for Model Ships
39        Rope Drive. Twin Double Acting Engine
40        Generator. The First Green Steam Engine Generator
41        Factory Engine. A Factory Engine running on steam
42        Oscillating-Cylinder Engine Oscillating Cylinder Engine

elmers oscillating engine plans 42 Oscillating Cylinder

43        Horizontal Mill Engine - Simple Horizontal Engine
44        Open Column Twin. Single Action Twin Cylinder

45        Single Cylinder Compound. A Single Cylinder Compound Engine - Think about it!
46        Comber Rotary Engine - A very visual rotary engine - showcase material!

elmers comber rotary engine plans 46 Comber Rotary

47        Model Boat Engine - A low profile steam engine for a model boat
48        Una-Flow Engine. - An attempt to get beginners to build a stationary Una-Flow
49        Vauxhall Donkey Pump - A wall Mounted water pump - Green Steam Engine
50        Educational Model - A long and slow model to show the action
51        V3R a 3 cylinder reversing, single action wobbler
52        Reversible Vertical Twin Wobbler - another steam engine for model boats


Appendix. - The appendix to Elmer's Engines


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Fed up of being charged for steam traction engine plans - well this set of Steam Traction Engine Plans are free to download - based on the Case Traction Engine - this set of blueprints will enable you to build your own Live Steam Traction Engine that is capable of pulling a human load.

Steam traction Engine Plans Steam Engine Plans Traction Engine Plans

One of the few Steam Traction Engine Plans that are free - Do not buy these free plans from eBay

The Instructions are 19 pages of text (not a poor quality hard to read scanned document) with full drawing index for cross reference to the plans

The detailed Plans are 18 pages with numbered full view and exploded parts view for reference with all parts shown and dimensions - See our for Sale page for details


Ayesha - 2 1/2" 4-4-2 Live Steam Locomotive Plans by LBSC

"LBSC" was the pen-name of one of model engineering's most prolific writers. Lillian "Curly" Lawrence was born in 1882 and died in 1967.

Ayesha (The name Ayesha comes from a character in "She", a novel by H. Rider Haggard) is one of the more famous model locomotives by LBSC and was used in a challenge to prove that the 2 1/2" scale Live Steam Locomotives where capable of pulling human passengers. LBSC designed a boiler for his model and set out to prove the point.

Ayesha Plans Ayesha Model Ayesha Plans

The PDF Plan Set Consists of

4 Drawings sized 11.69" x 24.8"

2 Drawings sized 16.53" x 23.39"

3 Drawings sized 11.69" x 16.53"

1 Drawing sized 8.26" x 23.9"

LBSCR - Brief History in PDF Format

Ayesha Boiler Challenge - Brief Description in PDF format

Ayesha 3 of 10 Ayesha 4 of 10


The technical details of the model are

Frames - 17 5/8"

Coupled Wheels - 3 5/16" diameter

Cylinders 13/16" bore x 1 1/8" stroke - Inside slide valves operated by slip eccentrics

Boiler barrel 3 1/4 " o.d.

Firebox coal fired

Ayesha 8 of 10 Ayesha 5 of 10


All parts are detailed including safety valves and boiler valves - the plans are a complete set guiding you to produce a vintage 2 1/2" gauge Steam Locomotive capable of pulling passengers.

The plans assume that the builder has access to normal workshop tools.

This plans set is for experienced model engine builders although a novice builder would be capable of building this engine.


Cost of the Plans Set is US $8.00 - Click Here For Download and Details

Ayesha Plans Ayesha Plans








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