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Cruiser Bolzano - 1932 (Incrociatore Bolzano)

Cruiser Bolzano Model Plans Incrociatore Bolzano

This is a free to download set of plans for the Cruiser Bolzano for the 1930's in Italy - Incrociatore Bolzano

The very detailed plan set is in PDF format tiled onto 61 Pages - this can be printed out on a home A4 printer to save on costs printing large sheets.

To Print the plans on A4 paper

Set paper size in the print options in the Adobe print menu - ensure paper size setting is correct. (the preview in the ADOBE software will show this)

The plans are A4 sheet size

Ensure paper size setting is correct - A4

Please ensure that the "Page Scaling" setting in the Adobe software Print Options is set to "None"

Do not use the "Fit to Page" option.

Press Print

Download the Plans for the Cruiser Bolzano here - 3.25 mb - Here



Fire Boat - Dr.Ing Sander

A good set of plans with good detail for a fire rescue boat

Plans in PDF Format - 2.1 mb in size



Chum - Runabout Wooden Motor Boat

A set of plans for a full size runabout speed boat

chum speed boat plans chum plans chum wooden boat plans chum wooden boat plans


Chum Boat Plans in PDF format - 2.1 mb in size






Chris Craft Cobra

Hull and Frame plans for a 21' Chris Craft Cobra


Chris Craft Cobra Plans in PDF Format - 1.6mb in size



Lochiel - Steamboat

By James A Pottinger

lochiel boat lochiel steambot plans


Lochiel Plans in PDF format - 1mb in size



Steam Ship Hidria 2

Large plans in PDF format for a Steamship with details of Steam Engine Placement and engine requirements

hidria 2 Steam Ship Plans plans are 1.6 mb in size on 3 sheets




Munin - Oil Production Tanker

Think big - make a model Oil Tanker, this ship does the job of an oil production platform, it is a post panamax oil tanker size, a great project that will produce a unique model. You will notice that the bridge superstructure is at the opposite end (bow) to a normal Tanker.

munin munin plans munnin plans

Plans are 2.0 mb in size and are in zip format containing 3 Large Tiff files and 1 DXF autocad drawing of the hull lines


FV Cornelia Marie - Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat Plans - as seen on Discovery Channel

This is a large scale model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat project that was started in September 2012.

FV Cornelia Marie RC Model Plans RC Crab Fishing Boat Plans


The free plans are for a 1:28 scale model of a fishing vessel that is similar to the Cornelia Marie Crab Fishing Boat featured in Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

The model boat is 1.25m in length, 0.285m beam and 0.63m to the top of the lighting tower on the mast. The Model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat Scale Model weighs in at just under 17kg to give it a scale water line. A considerable amount of ballast to achieve this water line, which amazes me when a lot of the Model Boat Building Forums make a big issue on certain boat building techniques such as "Bread and Butter Hulls" making for a heavy model. How heavy can they be? I ended up pouring over an inch of concrete in the bottom of my hull!!


RC Cornelia Marie Crab Fishing Boat Plans Rc Crab Boat Plans RC Cornelia Marie Deadliest Catch Plans RC Deadliest Catch Boat plans

The model was made using a foam core which was hollowed out after covering with Epoxy Resin and Glass Fiber matting. A fair amount of Expanded Polystyrene Foam was left in place at the bow and stern to act as floatation should the hull fill with water.

RC Crab Boat Plans FV Cornelia Marie Model Boat Plans RC Ship Plans - Discovery Channel Foam Core Model Boat Building RC Crab Boat Plans

The Ballast used was concrete which was poured into the bottom of the hull after removing the Expanded Polystyrene Foam with a cutting blade and the remaining foam brushed with Acrylic Thinner to melt the foam.

RC Fishing Boat Plans RC Crab Fishing Boat Plans RC Cornelia Marie Plans RC Ship Plans - Fiberglass RC Fishing Boat Deadliest Catch


The concrete once cured and aged was covered with a coat of Epoxy Resin to provide a waterproof surface.

Radio Controlled Fishing Boat Large Scale RC FV Cornelia Maire Plans Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat Plans RC Ship and Boat Plans RC Ship and Boat Plans

Powered by a 24v high torque motor run on 12v, the Model Crab Fishing Boat uses a large Octura x472 propeller that is normally used with a 26cc Zenoah Petrol Engine to power an RC Racing Power Boat. No specific reason for the choice of prop - I had one in my RC box and it pulled the right amount of Amps for the speed I wanted. Yes, I do know it is a surface prop!

Due to the considerably slower RPM than the prop is designed for, the power train only uses 2 Amps at full speed and propels the model boat way faster than a scale speed at full power.

RC Boat Prop and Rudder RC Deadliest Catch Model Boat Plans Model Ship plans - boat crane FV Cornelia Marie RC Boat Plans RC Boat Blueprints - Crane

The Speed Control used is a 220 Amp Forward and Reverse Proportional Speed Control from a 1/10th scale RC Monster Truck. A little bit of overkill but when you have a large carrier bag full of burned out speed controllers, looking at extra amperage is far better than looking for it!

RC Speed Controller for Ship RC Crab Fishing Boat Plans Deadliest Catch Fishing Boat Plans Free Ship Plans RC Hiab for Ship Plans

Floatation and ballast was checked and the hull loaded with dry cement and sand to achieve an approximate scale waterline with the power battery and motor installed. The remaining ballast will be added at a later test to achieve the balance and correct waterline once the model is finished.

Model Ship Plans for Fishing Boat FV Cornelia Marie Plans FV Cornelia Marie Scale Blueprints Crab Fishing Boat Drawings Cornelia Marie Deadliest Catch Boat Drawings

The Devil is In The Detail, and the longest and most difficult part of the build project is the detailing. Detailing can become obsessive to the point were you will never finish the model. I find the best way is a compromise and those extra little details can be added in between projects on a rainy day.

Discovery Channel Fishing Boat Plans Fishing Boat Scale Plans

The superstructure was made from 2mm Plaswood Sheets. Plaswood is a form of uPVC and is very easy to cut and machine. Plaswood is completely waterproof and does not warp or rot so it is ideal for model boat building, however the more traditionalist among the Ship Modelling Community will still insist of making everything from wood (even though the boat they are modelling may be made from iron or steel)

Painting the Model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat - normal cans of Automotive Acrylic Spray Paint was used after preparing the surface with two good coats of primer.

The paint work is protected by 4 layers of Clear Acrylic Spray which is lightly sanded between coats.

To be Continued - plans to be uploaded before July 2018





Classic Wooden Boat Plans Download - Click Here

The Classic Wooden Boat Plans page also has Plans Printing instructions for Tiled Plan Sets and Section on Radio Controlled Hardware with RC Ship Wiring Diagrams for Brushed And Brushless motor Set -Ups - this is an ideal help for those model boat builders who wish to convert a model ship or boat into a Radio Controlled Model Ship


Frame Kit CNC Plans - G Code and AutoCAD Files with Full Sized PDF Templates

produce your own Frame kits for Plank On Frame Model Boats and Ships - Click Here


Trawler Fishing Boat Plans

Download the free Trawler Fishing Boat Plans here


Beam Trawler Sea Lady BM28 Boat Plans

Download the free plans by James A Pottinger Here 1:35 Scale

Purchase the Frame Kit Plans for the BM28 Sea Lady Beam Trawler





Aquarama Riva Classic Wooden Plansbabay bootlegger plans flyer plans

Riva Aquarama Wooden Frame Kits Plans and CNC GCODE - Click Here


Riva Aquarama Special 50" Large Scale Model Frame Kit plans and CNC GCode - Click Here


Aphrodite 1/20th Scale Model Frame Kit CNC GCODE for Laser or CNC Mills - Click Here


PT Boat 1/20th Scale AutoCAD Plans and GCODE for CNC - Click Here


Baby Gar 1/10th Scale Frame Kit Plans - Click Here


Flyer Hydroplane 1/4th Scale Model Frame Kit Plans and GCODE for CNC Mills - Click Here


Baby Bootlegger GCode Files and AutoCAD Frame Kit Plans - Click Here


Frame Kit Plan Templates In Adobe PDF Format that can be printed on a Home Printer

- Click Here


Beam Trawler Sea Lady BM28 Frame Kit Plans - Click Here






































































































































by John Tomlinson