Model Steam Engine Plans - updated New Plans

Elmer's Engines - The most popular plans for home made steam engines

Other Model Steam Engines - A collection of live steam engine plans and compressed air engine plans with a sprinkling of Model Steam Boat Plans

Steam Engine Plans Page 2 - more free plans to download

Stirling Engines and Heat Engines - Plans for Stirling engines and other heat engines including the low temperature "coffee cup" engine

Model Glow Engine and Petrol Engine Plans

Twin Cylinder Glow Engine - Plans in Adobe PDF format

Other Engines


RC Boat and Ship Plans and Page 2

Brigantine Sailing Ship - Wind Powered RC Brigantine

Frigate General Artigas - 1.4m long RC Frigate

Clyde Puffer - Famous Inshore Cargo Boats from Scotland

Hermes Tug Boat - Powerful 1.0m long boat with twin props

RC and Full Size Hydroplane Plans

Outrigger Hydro Plans

Scroll down for RC PowerBoat Plans

Air Rifle Plans & Airsoft / Paintball Gun Plans

Machine Gun For RC Tank - Blank firing Gatling Gun for RC Battle Tanks

M2 Browning .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun - Plans for a paintball machine gun that is 1:1 scale

Barrett M82 Full Scale Plans with Airsoft Conversion Details

Sterling Mk4 SMG 9mmm - Full Scale Plans



Jet Engine Plans

Gas Turbine Plans - Russian PuVRD A-7 Pulse Jet - Jet Motor Model ZME Pulse Jet

KJ66 Upgrade Plans - Turbocharger Jet Plans - Mechanical Eng. Papers on Pulse Jets

TRJ 300 Research Papers - Gluhareff Pressure Jet Helicopter Test NACA

Gluhareff Pressure Jet Plans and Instructions

RC Aircraft Plans

Ultimate Biplane - Free Plans and build photo's of a 0.50 Glow Engine sized Ultimate Biplane

Links to other Free Aircraft Plan Sites

Hovercraft Plans - RC and Full Size

RC Hovercraft Plans - Free plans and drawings/ blueprints for the MK1 to 4 RC Hovercraft - niro and electric powered with Finger Skirts ( Segment Skirt ) and Bag Skirt plans

Hovercraft Plans - Download the plans to build a full sized racing hovercraft

RC Battle Tank

RC Battle Tank - plans for various ww2 battle tanks and build pictures

m2maduece m250cal
jetplan gluhareff
hover hovthai
tank tank2

RC Power Boat Plans and Classic Wooden Boat Plans - Riva Aquarama



































Crawler Crane Plans

Many Ships have Lattice Boom Cranes on deck - especially contruction barges and all Dockyards have a crawler crane.

Could be made into a Steam Crane with a bit of thought.

RC Crawler Crane RC Lattice Boom Crawler Crane RC Crane RC Crane


Click on the thumbnails to go to the crane page for more details - plans are here RC Crawler Crane Plans

Model Crane Plans


Monohull 72 inch DeepV

Click on the thumbnails to download the free plans to build a 72 inch Gas (petrol) Engined offshore DeepV racing boat

Plans include build pictures, parts and instructions in pdf format and are in a zipped file which is 780kb - Click on the pic to go the download page

Atlas Van Lines Unlimited Hydro

1982 Atlas Van Lines unlimited hydroplane. Last ran as Ken Muscatel’s U-14 in 1998.

Plans include build pictures, History of the Boat and parts and instructions in pdf and .dwg Autocad format and are in a zipped file which is 741kb - Click on the pic to go the download page

planboat plan2

Baby Bootlegger V-bottom racer

V-bottom Gold Cup racer from the 1920's Baby Bootlegger won the 1924–25 Gold Cup and Harmsworth trophy.

Plans include build pictures, parts and instructions in pdf format and are in a zipped file which is 1.1mb - Click on the pic to go the download page

Hydromite Hydroplane

Plans in .tif format and Build Pictures in a zipped file which is 1.2mb - Click on the pic to go the download page

Notre Dame Hydro 1969

The Notre Dame Hydroplane Last Raced in 1973

Plans for 10th, 16th and a 27" version included

Plans include build pictures, parts and instructions in pdf format for each of the 3 sizes and are in a zipped file which is 3.1mb - Click on the pic to go the download page

The Magnificent Men of Steam - Ebook

A thorough, yet uncomplicated and enjoyable depiction about the men behind for the invention of the steam engine.

A factual, easy to read account, describing more than 30 'Men of Steam' who where guilty of espionage, intrigue, murder, adventure and daring; a shocking yet honest account of events leading up to the industrial revolution.

Recent comments on this highly recommended book -

‘This book is a wonderful description of events, filled with characters that will not only surprise and endear but will leave you smiling long after the final chapter’

‘If ever there was a book written for those who don’t want to be baffled by science, yet interested in steam engines then this is the book.’ 

‘A fascinating insight into the men who helped changed the world’

‘A wonderful true account of some of the cleverest men in history’

j butlermagnificent men of steam magnificent men of steam

For a free copy contact the Author - Jason Butler and use free Ebook in the title

Steam Traction Engine Plans And Instructions - Premium Download

steam traction engine plans steam traction engine plans exploaded diagram of steam traction engine plans live steam traction engine plans

One of the few Plans that are not free - these plans are only US $8.00 and are in Adobe PDF format

The Instructions are 19 pages of text (not a poor quality hard to read scanned document) with full drawing index for cross reference to the plans

The detailed Plans are 18 pages with numbered full view and exploded parts view for reference with all parts shown and dimensions - Click here for details


Browning M2 50 Cal Machine Gun Semi Scale Model Plans with M3 Tripod


browning m2 plan semi scale plans browning 50 cal plans m3 tripod browning m2 replica plans


A complete set of plans to build a 1:1 semi scale model BMG Browning M2 .50 cal Machine Gun and M3 Tripod.

The model was designed as a full auto paintball marker but can be easily modified to Airsoft BB or Vortex / Cloud operation

The plans contain the full size plan sheets and a Simplified Plan for the main parts (Receiver Plates and Barrel Group) to enable both experienced builders and those just starting out to be able to produce a great looking full size model that even in its simplified version is a convincing replica to the layman.

Ideal for Paintball, Airsoft Scurmish and a good hastle free alternative for owners of miltary vehicles that would like to have the Browning M2 mounted without the almost impossible permission for a deactivated or incomplete M2

browning m2 50 cal plans browning plans browning receiver plans Browning plan set

Semi Scale Plans in PDF format include:

Browning M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Plans - in PDF format (from Autocad) in 6 pages including

1:1 Scale plans of Receiver plates, Barrel Group, Barrel Support, End Plates and Handle Support. This plan has a Simplified version of the main parts for a quick build - alternative parts using PVC pipe fittings are detailed for the novice builder.

All parts are detailed in Full Size 1:1 plans that can be printed out to make cutting templates.

M3 Tripod Plans with detailed drawings of the Traverse and Elevation Mechanism - 17 pages - full scale replica with full details

Browning BMG 50 cal Machine Gun and Scale Tripod Plans and build photographs are sent in PDF format 5.64 mb in size - Click Here for More Details


Sterling Sub Machine Gun 9mm L2A3 Inert Replica

Sterling SMG Plans Sterling SMG Replica Plans Sterling SMG Airsoft SMG Replica Plans Sterling SMG Blueprints

Sterling SMG Receiver Template A full scale 1:1 replica of the MK4 Sterling 9mm Sub Machine Gun (Sterling SMG) - full scale plans and receiver template download

The plan set includes a free copy of the 24 page User Manual for the Sterling SMG Mk4 L2A3 printed by the Sterling Armaments Company in PDF format and all relevant build photographs to produce a 1:1 full scale replica of the Sterling SMG

Click on the Pic to go to the plans page


Barrett M82 Airsoft Full Scale Inert Replica Plans


Colt .45 Double Action Revolver 1909 Model - Inert Replica

Plans to build a non-firing 1:1 scale replica of the famous Army Issue Colt .45 Double Action Revolver from 1909.

Colt DA 45 Revolver Colt Double Action Revolver .45 Colt DA Revolver Replica plans colt revolver plans replica


Ingram MAC 10 Inert Replica Plans

Ingram MAC 10 Ingram MAC 10 MAC 10


Ayesha - 2 1/2" Gauge 4-4-2 Live Steam Locomotive Plans by LBSC

Ayesha Steam Train Plans Ayesha Steam Train Plans ayesha plans ayesha plans




browning plans barrett plansstirling plans




Ayesha PlansTurbine plansbabybootlegger plans

Aquarama Plansthompson m1a1 replica plansColt Revolver Plans

RC Crane Plans

Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun Inert Replica Plans

Winchester 21 Replica plans

Click here to go to the Plan set and Blueprints for the Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun


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